Computer scientist, digital geometer, open science advocate

Currently, I am affiliated with Inria Sophia Antipolis — Méditerranée (TITANE team). My research at Inria is focused on the problems identified by the BIM2TWIN project. These include but are not limited to quality assessment of elements built on construction sites in using sensing technologies and geometry processing. My supervisonr at Inria is Pierre Alliez.

Before I started working at Inria, I was affiliated with the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, where I worked in the group of Mirela Ben-Chen on problems related to geometry processing.

My Ph.D. dissertation—which I prepared under the supervision of Yukiko Kenmochi and Pascal Romon—was a study of rigid motions on discrete spaces.

My research focuses on topological and geometric alterations induced by digitized rigid motions defined on regular grids. I am mainly interested in theoretical aspects of digital geometry and digital topology.

During the last four years, I have collaborated with Nicolas Passat, Guillaume Moroz, David Cœurjolly, Tristan Roussillon, Victor Ostromoukhov and Gisela Domej.

Before my Ph.D., I worked with Marcin Janaszewski and Michał Postolski on problems related to modeling and segmentation of human airways.

My current Erdős number is 3.