Characterization of bijective digitized rotations on the hexagonal grid

Published in To appear in Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2017

Author(s): K. Pluta, T. Roussillon, D. Cœurjolly, P. Romon, Y. Kenmochi, V. Ostromoukhov

Abstract: Digitized rotations on discrete spaces are usually defined as the composition of a Euclidean rotation and a rounding operator; they are in general not bijective. Nevertheless, it is well known that digitized rotations defined on the square grid are bijective for some specific angles. This infinite family of angles has been characterized by Nouvel and Rémila and more recently by Roussillon and Cœurjolly. In this article, we characterize bijective digitized rotations on the hexagonal grid using arithmetical properties of the Eisenstein integers.

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