New Algorithm for Modeling of Bronchial Trees

Published in IPC, 2013

Recommended citation: Pluta K., Janaszewski M., & Postolski M. (2012). New Algorithm for Modeling of Bronchial Trees. Image Processing & Communications, 17(4), 179-190. doi:10.2478/v10248-012-0045-8

Author(s): K. Pluta, M. Janaszewski and M. Postolski

Abstract: The article presents new conception of 3D model of human bronchial tubes, which represents bronchial tubes extracted from CT images of the chest. The new algorithm which generates new model is an extension of the algorithm (basic algorithm) proposed by Hiroko Kitaoka, Ryuji Takaki and Bela Suki. The basic model has been extended by geometric deformations of branches and noise which occur in bronchial trees extracted from CT images. The article presents comparison of results obtained with the use of the new algorithm and the basic one. Moreover, the discussion of usefulness of generated new models for testing of algorithms for quantitative analysis of bronchial tubes based on CT images is also included.

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